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In a Harlem family, struggling to survive in the ghetto, Fay Mulberry (Milira Jones) is an ambitious teen who is determined to escape the heartbreaking cycle of drugs and violence that has become a scourge on the streets she calls home. Her hopes of escape depend upon the promise of a college scholarship, but Fay finds her narrow window of opportunity closing fast. A brief romance with a smooth-talking drug dealer (Robert Laney) causes Fay to lose sight of her goal and forces her into a compromising decision she's not ready to face. Before she knows it, Fay's dreams are shattered, and when opposing forces meet, it is a regrettable day for all involved. Special appearances include rap legend Ice-T, Vaughn Harper, Crazy Sam, Caribbean rap sensation Mad Lion, and recording artist Milira Jones.

9/11 The Days After

3 days after the tragic attack on the world trade center Paul Eliacin volunteered his services through his union; theatrical teamsters 817 and became a first responder at ground zero.


While being at ground zero, Paul realized that there was no one documenting or taking any footage and so Paul picked up a camera and recorded 6 hours of never seen before footage and over 250 never seen before photos. The photos/footage has been stored in a vault in which he still has as of today.


Paul saw body parts and remains of victims  & fire fighters and police officers saluting as the ambulance removed them from the site. Paul saw articles of clothing, empty shoes.


Due to spending numerous hours at ground zero Paul is severely impacted by disabling 9/11 related conditions. Paul has shortness of breath, chronic coughs and has  been certified by Mount Sinai medical treatment program for (PTSD) post traumatic stress disorder, chronic rhino-sinusitis & other illnesses. He now has to attend an annual treatment program at Mount Sinai.


Paul has received thank you letters from politicians for his contribution, patriotism & support for being a responder at ground zero.

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